Office of Community Involvement

Office of Communications & Community Relations (OCCR)

  • We've changed our name!

    Formerly known as the OCI - Office of Community Involvement

    We have officially rebranded ourselves as the OCCR - Office of Communications & Community Relations, due to our close work and involvement with the Sarasota County Schools Communications Department, local businesses, partners and community members. 


    2020-2021 Volunteer Information:

    We have some exciting news from the Office of Communications & Community Relations! The district has approved virtual volunteers for the 2020-2021 school year.  Virtual Volunteers can feel comfortable participating now in the short-term and for the long-term.  We all know the importance and difference our volunteers make through their time, talents, and dedication and know these volunteers will help make our schools successful!  We simply could not reach our goals each year without a broad base of support from our volunteers and business partners.

    • We are only allowing monitored remote Virtual Volunteering at this time via Zoom for classroom "read aloud", storytime, shared sessions, digital audiences for classroom presentations, or any other wonderful ideas that will work in a virtual setting.

     The guidelines for our current Virtual Volunteer Program is as follows;

     -volunteers must be level 1 approved

     -all sessions need to include the entire class

     -a classroom teacher must be present during the session and within ear and eyeshot of the students

     The district does not allow virtual volunteers to work with students individually or in small groups, so no level 2 virtual volunteering. 


    2020-2021 Volunteer Application Process: 

    Our new volunteer procedures are in place.  To manage the process, the district chose to select a NEW comprehensive Raptor visitor/volunteer management system.  You are already familiar with the Raptor visitor badge system that you are using now.  Our OCCR portal will utilize the same Raptor system for allowing volunteers to register and renew their status for level 1 volunteering.  Volunteers will continue to have the ease of registering from their own personal device via the Raptor web-based application.  To become a virtual volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application.

    Level 1 new or renewal volunteer applicants, please complete the application process via the link above.

    Level 2 volunteers will receive an email to update their information.