• PEACHJAR School-Based Marketing and Communications 

    The Sarasota County School District has launched a new electronic system for delivering flyers to families about services, activities and programs offered through the schools by community agencies or by school business partners. The service will be provided by a company called Peachjar. 

    The service will deliver flyers electronically to families via email and school websites rather than having students carry paper flyers home in backpacks. The service uses technology to reduce unnecessary consumption of paper and to save time and money, both for the district and for its community partners.

    Families and school staff at participating schools have been sent information about the new service via email and the district parent notification system. 

    Community organizations and school business partners that wish to distribute flyers should follow the process described below to have flyers approved and distributed electronically rather than printing paper flyers and delivering them to schools. Once an appropriate transition has been allowed for organizations to become familiar with the electronic system, paper flyers from community organizations and businesses will no longer be distributed.

    Procedure for requesting flyer approval and distribution:

    • Visit www.Peachjar.com
    • Click the sign-up button
    • Account type:  Choose Program Provider
    • Create your organization's account
    • Post a flyer
    • Select the schools where you want it sent.

    Approved flyers will be emailed to parents and posted to your selected school websites.

    Flyers for non-profit organizations will be submitted to the Sarasota County School District Communications Department for approval based on the guidelines below. Once the flyer is approved at the district office, it will be forwarded to the school for final approval. Flyers for for-profit businesses will be submitted directly to the school or schools the submitting business chooses for final approval. All flyers are distributed at the discretion of the school principal.

    The Peachjar service is free to schools and to community organizations and businesses that provide free activities and services to students and families. *Peachjar charges a fee for distributing flyers for organizations and businesses that charge admission or fees for their services, but the fee is typically much less than the cost of printing and delivering paper flyers to schools. The fee is $25 per school and offers bulk rate discounts to 20 or more schools.

    *You must contact Peachjar at 858.997.2117 ext.3 PST or email them at support@peachjar.com to qualify your flyer for "free status."


    Flyers advertising activities sponsored by not-for-profit organizations:  

    1. Flyers for not-for-profit organizations must be approved by the district Communications Department prior to being submitted to principals for approval. Flyers submitted to Peachjar will be automatically forwarded to the Communications Department. If the flyer is approved, it will be forwarded to principals. If it is not approved it will be returned to the submitting organization with instructions on what needs to be changed for it to be approved. Pdf files are preferred.

    2. A copy of the organization’s 501(c) 3 document must be submitted to Peachjar to document its Non-profit status.

    3. Once a flyer is approved by the Communications Department, the flyer also must be approved by the school principal before it can be distributed to families at that school. Some schools do not distribute flyers. District approval allows principals to distribute a flyer, but does not direct or require them to do so. Whether or not a flyer is accepted for distribution is at the discretion of the school principal. 

    4. The disclaimer below must be printed on the flyer: 

    “Public schools are permitted to provide information to parents regarding student activities and services offered by not-for-profit organizations. The School Board of Sarasota County provides this information as a service to students and their families. Distribution of information does not constitute an endorsement of an activity or service.” 

    5. The flyer must clearly state all costs to participants in the activity advertised even if the activity is free.

    6. The activity may not discriminate against or in any way exploit any student, family member or another potential participant. 

    7. Teachers or other school staff members may voluntarily provide minimal support time for an advertised activity, but may not be required to do so. 

    8. Flyers must contain an organization's contact information as well as all pertinent data such as what it is, when it will take place, where it is offered, etc.

    Flyers advertising activities sponsored by for-profit businesses:

    Flyers for for-profit organizations are not approved at the district office. Individual school principals may approve the distribution of flyers for their school business partners. Because requirements for becoming a school business partner vary among schools, businesses wishing to distribute flyers at multiple schools must receive permission from each principal.