• Public Records Requests

    According to Florida law, all public records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person, unless the records are exempt or confidential. To submit a public records request to the Sarasota County School District you can do so:


    Electronically, by clicking the JustFOIA logo or link below to access the JustFOIA request portal

    In person:
    At any public school or department of the Sarasota County School District

    By U.S. Mail:
    District Records Custodian
    Sarasota County School District
    Records and Forms Management
    101 Old Venice Road
    Osprey, FL 34229

    By Fax:
    (941) 486-2484

    By Phone:
    (941) 486-2166

    The request must be clear enough to enable the District to conduct a meaningful search and the District may need to ask clarifying questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner. 

    All exempt information will be redacted prior to release pursuant to Florida Statute 119.07.

    The District is only required to release public records that currently exist.  They are not required to create new records.

    A fee of .15 cents per single-sided copy may apply. According to state law, if the nature or volume of the public records requested requires extensive use of resources or clerical assistance to fulfill, the school district may charge the associated service fee, in addition to the actual cost of any duplication.  If there is a fee for the requested records, a written estimate will be provided.  A 50% deposit is required before any work will begin on the request and the records will be released once full payment of the final invoice is received.

    If you provide an email address, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and District staff will be able to communicate with you via email regarding your request. If you do not provide contact information, you will need to contact the Records and Forms Management Office to request information.

    Records that are open for public inspection will be available within a reasonable time.