• Existing Instructional Substitutes

    New Substitute Instructional Application Requirements

    The Human Resources Department is currently processing instructional substitute applications. 

    Applicants must complete all the steps below prior to working as a substitute.


    Due to the current COVID situation beginning Monday, October 5, 2020, we will allow individuals who have an AA degree or 60 college credit hours to work as an Instructional substitute. Below are the requirements if you are interested in this opportunity.


    • 25 years old or older with HS diploma – can sub at any level
    • Under 25 years old, with AA/60 college credits – can sub at any level
    • We will accept photocopies of HS and/or College diplomas
        • Instructional substitutes need 2 references, 1 must be from a supervisor.  1 can be from anyone else except family
        • Must complete sub endorsement packet
        • Must apply for sub certificate $20
    • Current pay rate:
        • High School - $105.68
        • AA Degree - $125.31
        • Bachelor's Degree - $141.38
        • Master's Degree - $152.09
    • Will not be eligible for long term sub position (over 21 days in the same position) in Title I schools

    Online Instructional Application

    Required Documents

    • References- Supply two (2) references using the online application process, 1 must be from a supervisor, 1 can be from anyone else except family. References must be from supervisors or administrators as noted below. Supervisors must be identified in the Work Experience section of the application. 
        • Experienced teachers: provide references from a recent administrator(s) (principals, assistant principals).
        • Pre-graduates: provide references from Supervisor of Interns, Supervising Teacher, and Major Professor.
        • For non-education majors: provide references from current and most recent administrator(s) / supervisor(s).
        • Previous Sarasota County School Board Employees: provide references from a recent administrator(s) / supervisors(s) and a reference from the most recent SCSB supervisor/administrator.

    Additional Requirements

    • Official transcript(s). Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated.  Photocopies are not acceptable.
    • Complete the District’s Substitute Endorsement Program. This requirement is waived for teachers who have taught full-time in a classroom for a minimum of one year in a U.S. public or private school within the preceding five years.
    • Complete pre-employment processing.
      • If you do not hold a Florida teaching certificate, you must apply for sub certificate for $20.
      • There is a requirement that 10 days must be worked within the school year to remain active in our system.

    Applicants may not begin substituting until all the above steps have been completed.

    To apply, please click here: Online Application