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    Students who are well-fed are more likely to be focused and ready to learn. The Sarasota County School District has long been a leader in serving delicious, nutritious school meals, using locally grown products whenever possible.

    The district’s Food and Nutrition Services Department serves about 32,000 meals each day. Approximately 50% of our students currently receive free or reduced-price meals. Eligible parents are encouraged to apply online for their children to receive free or reduced-price meals throughout the school year, including breakfast and lunch. Some schools offer free breakfast to all students.

    Meal Prices:

    BREAKFAST       LUNCH    
      Reduced Price Paid Price     Reduced Price Paid Price
    Elementary   0.30   $1.25   Elementary   0.40   $2.50
    Middle   0.30   $1.50   Middle   0.40   $2.75
    High   0.30   $1.50   High   0.40   $3.00
    Adult     $2.75   Adult     $4.00