• K-12 Curriculum and Instruction Contacts

    Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

    Director Elementary School: Kelly Ellington

    Elementary Schools Administrative Assistant:Lakedra Barber  
    Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 32230


    Elementary Program Specialists

    Literacy Reading Recovery 
    Lisa Fisher 
    Rachel Chappell
    Alison Johnson
    Laurel Hinds
    Janet Irving

    Literacy (3-5)
    Holly Chesnoff 
    Kari Johnson 
    Katie Kephart
    Jennifer Maselli
    Kristen Shannon

    Math (K-5)
    Heather Cook
    Alicia Charbonneau 

    Science (K-5)
    Cheri Dame 

    Literacy and Strategies for ELLs

    Instructional Strategies; i-Ready and Interventions
    Amy Beechy
    Katie Schunk
    Jessica Gardner 

    Any Given Child / Arts Integration Program Specialists

    Any Given Child (K-12), Program Director
    Brian Hersh

    Arts Integration, Program Manager