• About Us 

    Brookside Middle School Vision 

    To develop knowledgeable and caring young people to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.  

    Our Mission Statement
    Brookside Middle School places the child at the center of its learning activities to enable all learners to lead productive, responsible and healthful lives. Brookside prepares students to achieve the highest learning standards by engaging high-quality staff, involved parents and a supportive community.  

     The following beliefs will be the principles by which we achieve our goals: 

    • Expectations for learning and behavior will reflect the highest possible standards.  
    • Successful schooling is a shared responsibility requiring commitment and communication between parents, students, and staff. 
    • In an atmosphere of shared respect, all students and staff have a right to learn and work in a healthy, caring and safe environment. 
    • A variety of research-based best practice techniques will be utilized to meet individual needs.


    • International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) Brookside is the only Middle School in Sarasota County that serves as an IB Magnet School!
    • Marine Science Academy (MSA) is a magnet program within Brookside Middle School. MSA develops lifelong ambassadors of our environment and oceans through inquiry, reflection, caring, and service. This team contributes to the needs of our wetlands, waterways, and community through school and field experiences. This integrated approach of Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology, and the Arts creates fun, relevant, and real experiences for students.
    • Talented And Gifted (TAG) embraces its Talented and Gifted students into an experience that cultivates and nurtures their curiosity with inquiry.  Enriching students with in-depth experiences and discussions both in and out of the classroom. Preparing students for beyond middle school with High School and College Preparation. Campus/College visits.  Advanced student-centered learning approach.  Unique real-world discussion and experiences.  Focus on community and opportunities for leadership on campus.
    • Creative Arts Technology (CAT) experiences Brookside through creative arts, drama, technology and performance.  The CAT team highlights creativity through personal projects as well as class assignments.  IB/State Standards with integration of creative tasks and expression.  Field trips are mostly Arts focused.
    • The Learning Center (TLC) is individualized to the needs of the student and specifically designed for those in need of ACCESS Points curriculum. TLC staff and students host the TLC Breakfast Cafe once every quarter.  


    • Arts: Band, Chorus, Orchestra, 3D Art, 2D Art, Ukulele Club and Art Club
    • Sports:  Physical Education, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Cuda Squad
    • Service: IB Ambassadors
    • Foreign Language: Spanish
    • Technology: VEX,TSA, Microsoft Certifications, STEAM Class and STEM Fair