Ackroyd, Ian: Band Teacher
Albanese, Anna: TV Production and Drama
Bailey, Kim: Counselor
Barlow, Sheree: 6-8th Grades Science (Gifted Academy)
Bedard, Patricia: Aide
Berger, Linda: Aide
Brainard, Aimee:7th - 8th Grade Reading
Brandafino, Belinda: Security
Brasco, Marla: Sch. Psych
Brawley, Jane: 6th & 8th grade Science
Burge, Tina: Aide
Carter, Lora: Co-Teacher
Conner, Joseph: 6th - 8th Grades ESE
Coyne, Ed: 7th - 8th Grade Social Studies
Cuervo-Hoeper, Marsha: 6th - 7th Grade English Language Arts - ESE
Davis, Diane: Language & Speech Therapy, Grades 6-8
Dubrule, Michael: Young Marines' Unit Commander
Encarnacion, Diana: 6th and 8th Grade Math & Yearbook Advisor
Evans, Paula: ESE Liaison
Faberlle, Julie: Teacher
Finch, Patricia: Aide
Fisher, Brooke: Co-Teacher
Flickinger, Consuelo: Receptionist
Fuerst, Richard: 6th and 7th Grade Science
Ganley, Christopher: PE Aide
Goberman, Stephanie: Behavior Aide
Gozder, Deana: School Social Worker
Hagan, Em: ELL School Contact
Hamlin, Victoria : Aide ESE
Heeter, Suzanne : Bookkeeper
Hess, April: 6th - 8th Grades Math (Young Marines)
Hitt, Jennifer: 6th - 8th Grades Math -ESE
Ignotis, Tatiana: 7th Grade English Language Arts
Ittel, Tom: Encore-STEM Technology Education
Jodwalis, Lisa: 6-8th Grades Art
Johnson, Laura: 6-8th Grade English Language Arts (Gifted Academy)
Kulin, Julie : Chorus Teacher
LaSalle, Christine : Clinic
Latchford, Julie : Aide
Lee, Dixie: 6th & 7th Grade Intensive English Language Arts
Maas-Lyon, Susan: 6 - 8th Grades Social Studies (Young Marines)
McCormack, Karen : Nurse
McCutcheon, Louisa 6 - 8th Grades Science (Young Marines)
Mergos, Jennifer: 8th Grade English Language Arts
Mikarts, Kristin: 6th & 7th Grade English Language Arts
Miller, Michelle: 6th Grade English Language Arts
Mockler, Phillip School Resource Deputy
Naple, Marie : Co-Teacher
Nell, John: 6th & 7th Grades Advanced Math (Gifted Academy)
Nell, Susan: 8th Grade Math, Algebra and Geometry Honors
Niemann, Justin - Math Teacher
Ogren, Elizabeth, 6th grade Social Studies
Olsen, Kim : Teacher 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Ortman, Elaine: 7th - 8th Grade English Language Arts - ESE
Phillips, Mandi: 7th Grade Science
Poggio, Janice : Aide
Pritchard, Leslie : Aide
Quigley, Lindsey, 7th grade Social Studies
Renouf, Maureen : Secretary
Rice-Smith, Erin: Assistant Principal
Riley, Christopher: Orchestra Teacher
Robertson, Cedona: 6-8th Grade Physical Education & Athletic Director
Schaefer, Kurt: 6th - 8th Grades English Language Arts (Young Marines)
Schafer, William 6th -8th Grades Social Studies (Gifted Academy)
Schmidt, Dr. Karin: Principal
Singer, Amber: 7th - 8th Grades Guidance Counselor
Sintov,Tara: 6th Grade Math and ESE + Business Coordinator
Speth, Jennifer : Aide
Stasko, Adria: Administrative Assistant
Stasko, Kati: 6th Grade Science
Stellato, Pete: Behavior Specialist
Stewart, Michelle : Head Custodian
Tubbesing, Kimberly : Aide
VanBuskirk, Angela: 6-8th Grades Physical Education
Walsh, Susan: Registrar
Walters, Elizabeth: 8th Grade Science & Biology
Wiles, Kim: 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies