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2. UNIFORM GIVE-AWAY - Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - Cafeteria 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
3. MEET YOUR TEACHER - Thursday, August 18, 2016 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
4. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Monday, August 22, 2016
5. Boo Hoo & Yahoo! Coffee - Monday, August 22, 2016 - Media Center 8:30 a.m. FOR PARENTS NEW TO SOUTHSIDE!
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BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR SOUTHSIDE'S 90TH - January 11, 2016 (Click Here To View Photo Gallery-Your Observer AND Education Spotlight on YouTube)
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8/9/2016 - UNIFORM GIVE-AWAY - Cafeteria

8/9/2016 - UNIFORM GIVE-AWAY - Cafeteria


8/22/2016 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

8/22/2016 - BOO HOO & YAHOO! COFFEE - Media Center

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1st Grade - Belli, Karen
1st Grade - DeUnger, Laura
1st Grade - Fallacaro, Corinne
1st Grade - Holt, Kelly
1st Grade - Pedler, Amy
1st Grade - Thompson, Melissa
1st Grade - West, Carol
2nd Grade - Alba, Lorri
2nd Grade - Broom, Kellie
2nd Grade - Dachille, Heather
2nd Grade - Davidson, Ashby
2nd Grade - Hazelton, Kirsten
2nd Grade - Smith, Jennifer
2nd Grade - Stewart, Kristin
2nd Grade - Swink, Michaelanne
3rd Grade - Bass, Sarah
3rd Grade - Dennis, Cherie
3rd Grade - Ehrenhaft, Lori
3rd Grade - Frederick, Pat
3rd Grade - Lankenau, Cathy
3rd Grade - Mendon, Michele
3rd Grade - Ryckman, Rawley
3rd Grade - Stambrosky, Susan
4th Grade - Anderson, Jessica
4th Grade - Freeman, John
4th Grade - Gardner, Jessica
4th Grade - Holman, Stacey
4th Grade - Stephenson, Caroline
4th Grade - Waite, Sandy
5th Grade - Casanas, Katie
5th Grade - Daughtry, Amanda
5th Grade - Fogleman, Taunya
5th Grade - Humphrey, Mark
5th Grade - Whittinghill, Beth
Administration - Assistant Principal - Nations, Susan
Administration - Principal - Dragon, Steven E.
Cafeteria - Aide- Harrison, Eva
Cafeteria - Aide- Venafro, Autumn
Cafeteria - Aide-Toth, Angela
Custodial - Head Custodian - Urban, Brandon
ESE Staff - Aide - Labsan, Hermie
ESE Staff - Aide - Wheeler, Matroit
ESE Staff - Aide- Barry, Cindy
ESE Staff - Intermediate Teacher - Colgate, Laurel
ESE Staff - Liaison- Chillemi-Rivera, Stephanie
ESE Staff - Primary Teacher - Striepe, Joy
Instructional Technology Support - Doug Elliott
Kindergarten - Manzano, Ileana
Kindergarten - Windom, Missy
Kindergarten - Zimath, Valerie
Kindergarten - DeGrenier, Kathy
Kindergarten - Hasbrook, Amanda
Kindergarten - Lloyd, Tiffany
Kindergarten - Sobolewski, Danielle
Office Staff - Administrative Assistant- Wetherill, Pamela
Office Staff - Bookkeeper- Ralich, Christen
Office Staff - Receptionist- Johnson, Charlene
Office Staff - Registrar- Gehrdes, Carol
School Support - Clinic Aide- McKenna, Diane
School Support - ESOL Aide - Gonzalez-Anzures, Samantha
School Support - ESOL Teacher - Brusoe, Erica
School Support - Guidance Counselor - Hill, Anne
School Support - Guidance Counselor- Manchester, Karan
School Support - Media Aide- Graph, Denise
School Support - Reading Resource Teacher - Erwin, Marie
Special Area Aide - PE- Jones, Freddy
Special Area Teacher - Art- Caine, Angela
Special Area Teacher - Dance - Lombard, Deborah
Special Area Teacher - Drama-Mattern, Christine
Special Area Teacher - Music - Glushonkov, Sergei
Special Area Teacher - PE- Kreiling, Rich
Special Area Teacher - Science- Phillips, Chip
Special Area Teacher - Technology - Danko, Lori