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The Sarasota High School Guidance Counselors are available for assistance in the areas of academics, careers, social/personal, and community service.  Students meet with Guidance Counselors to discuss potential careers and academics required to achieve their goals.  The high school years can be difficult to navigate with peer and adult relationships.  The Guidance Counselors can assist both parents and students with strategies to enhance their social and emotional well-being.


Ms. Star Conti
Student Assignment: 11-12 AICE
Ms. Casey Larkin
Student Assignment: ESE
 Ms. Lauren Taylor
Student Assignment: A-D  
Mr. George Sweitzer
Student Assignment: E-K  
Ms. Sharon Vick
Student Assignment: L-Q
Ms. Adria Kayser
Student Assignment: R-Z

Mr. Mark Rupprecht
Behavior Specialist
Mrs. Valerie Anthony
Student Assignment: A-K 
Mrs. Susan Hillard
Student Assignment: L-Z


Mr. Ed Volz
Student Assignment: All ESOL Students




Sheila Clark

Linda Ferrara


Barbara Winner

College & Scholarship Coordinator:

Kevin Fields

Phone: (941)955-0181 
Fax: (941)361-6630



To register a student you need an appointment with a counselor
* A Parent or Guardian must accompany a student under 18 years of age to register at a school



Florida law requires the following before we can register a student:

  1. Written proof of current residence address. (e.g. recent utility bill, FPL, water/sewer, mortgage or lease agreement.)
  2. Proof of date of birth. (Certified copy of birth certificate)
  3. Proof of Immunization verified with HRS Form 680. (Blue form)
  4. Physical exam within the previous 12 months signed and dated by a physician. (Note: Proof of physical if previously enrolled in a Florida Public School.)
  5. Proof of Custody. If a single parent is separated, divorced, or if another custodial situation exists a copy of legal residential custody document is required.
    • You should also bring:
    • Name and address of previous school(s) attended.
    • Any available information from previous school(s) such as report cards, transcripts, or student participation in special programs.
    • If your student has been in any Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs the most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and an appointment with SHS ESE liaison is required 955-0181 ext. 64520.

Other Important Information

Transcripts - Complete transcript request form in Guidance and submit to Mrs. Clark. The first five transcripts are free and $2.00 each thereafter.

  Seniors Important Bright Futures Information:

2011-12 Awardees - Students are now required to submit a complete, error-free FAFSA for Bright Futures, Florida Resident Access Grant, and Access to Better Learning and Education Grant initial and renewal eligibility any time prior to disbursement. No FAFSA = No $

2011-12 High School Graduates - Increase in community service requirement (and hours increase for Florida Academic Scholars) for all three Bright Futures award levels. Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars (FAS), Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS), and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) during the 2011-12 academic year, and thereafter, must complete:

o FAS – 100 hours
o FMS – 75 hours
o GSV – 30 hours


The PALS Partners in Education Office/Landings - (Green Awning, room 113, first floor) will host one of our volunteer representatives one day per week during the summer to pre approve high school community service. Students must download and complete the application (including parent/guardian signature) located at

Community Service Hours

During the summer months, the applications will be accepted and processed in person only; the student must come to the PALS Office to meet with the volunteer project manager. 

Community Service - Friendship Volunteer Center representatives meet with students any Tuesday during lunches in Guidance. Students are required to meet with a representative prior to earning community service hours. Representatives assist with community service placement. Appointments are not necessary. 75 community service hours equals 0.5 elective credit and is required for the Florida Academic Scholarship, one of the Bright Futures Scholarships. 150 comunity service hours equals 1.0 elective credit.

9/13/2016 - Open House @ 6:00pm

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Aleman, Juany - World Languages
Alexander, Gayle - Math
Alfrey, Charles - Performing Arts, Band & Music
Middleton, Ashlee - Language Arts & Reading
Anthony, Valerie - ESE Liasison
Aschenbrenner, Mark - Athletic Director & Testing Coordinator
Ashby, Susan - Math
Atkins, Dumaka - Social Studies
Barresi, Gina - Language Arts, AICE & Reading
Barrett, Brian - Social Studies, ESE & Anchor
Barwick, Raymond - Social Studies
Bell, Jane - Administrative Assistant, Guidance
Coppola, Courtney - Science
Berkey, Dean - Math
Blasdel, Jennifer - CTE, Accounting Applications
Brown, Jackie - CTE, Health & Wellness, Physical Education
Budd, Barbara - CTE, Web Development
Burggraff, May - Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Campbell, Lyn - Administrative Assistant, Principal
Cantrell, Sheldon - School Resource Officer
Cavallaro, Steve - Social Studies, Anchor
Clark, Sheila - Registrar
Colangelo, Ronald - Physical Education
Conti, Star - Guidance Counselor, AICE 11-12
Coppola, Brien - Media Center
Costa, Jodi - Science
Crihfield, Sandy - Social Studies
Cross, Sarah - Social Studies Teacher
Cullen, Kimberly - ESOL Teacher
Dale, Valerie - ESE Science
Davis. Christopher - ROTC
Deal, Joy - Administrative Assistant, ESE
Deighton, Kimberly - Math
Dolder, Carla - Health Room Aide
Dunk, Austin - CTE, Applied Engineering
Dweck, Melissa - Theatre Arts, Drama
Ehlers, Megan - Science
Elsbree, Keith - Yearbook, TV Production & Media Studies
Falgowski, Jared - Math
Felden, Kathy - Language Arts
Ferrante, Mia - ESOL
Fields, Kevin - Career Center
Floryjanski, Mary Jo - Visual Arts
Foley, Wendy - Bookkeeper
Fortner, Dan - Math
Gallucci, Tom - Campus Security
Genis, Reina - PE
Gibala, Chris - Social Studies
Godley, Ginger - Nurse
Gonzalez, Stacy - ESOL Aide
Graham, Susan - Language Arts, ESE
Harris, Taylore - Language Arts
Harshman, Andy - Science
Harshman, Kristina - Science
Havener, Michael - Language Arts
Hilliard, Susan - ESE Liaison
Holley, Shawn - Math
Jacobs, Teresa - Media Aide
James, Janice - ESE Aide
James, Mallory - ESE Aide
Judge, Donna - Campus Security
Kaplan, Deborah - Math
Karas, Stella - Social Studies
Karwatt, Christy - Social Studies
Knispel, Lacey - Theatre Arts, Drama
Larkin, Casey - Guidance Counselor
Lawyer, Bill - Technology Support
Levine, Deborah - Language Arts
Linde, Hope - Language Arts
Lofton, Georgia - Language Arts, Anchor
Loomis, Jennifer - Language Arts, AICE
Lotti de Lopez, Angela - Language Arts, ESOL
Markley, Debra - Visual Arts
Marshall, Kim - Math, Anchor
Massengale, Jamie - Assistant Principal, Grade 11
Mavrikas, Amanda - Administrative Assistant, Admin. Office
McCool, Rich - Campus Security
McElyea, Lou - Receptionist
Mendenhall, Kyle - Math
Middleton, Ken - ESE
Mora, Glen - CTE, JAVA Development & Programming
Moyer, Becky - Assistant Principal, Grade 9
Nelson, Shannon - Language Arts, ESE
Nye, Amy - Science
Nzeza, Malele - Science
Oness, Dave - Social Studies
Pearson, Gwen - World Language
Perkins, Robert - Math, ESE & Anchor
Peters, Jeremy - PE
Pulphus, Fred - JROTC
Ritchie, Karen - ESE Aide
Roemer, Ashley - Language Arts
Rowe, Susan - Language Therapy, ESE
Rupprecht, Mark - ESE Behavior Specialist
Sanders, Kirby - Performing Arts, Music & Choir
Saslow, Laurie - Science
Sawyer, Sarah - Psychologist
Schenk, Merlin - Assistant Principal, Grade 10
Schmidt, Jeremy -ISS
Sera, Ed - Social Studies, Physical Education
Seres, Maggie - Attendnace Secretary
Shackelford, Robert - Social Studies
Sharbono, Christian - Social Studies
Shepard, Scott - ROTC
Sherk, Nancy - Reading
Sherrell, Edna - Reading
Singleton, Christina - CTE, Culinary Arts
Smith, Constanze
St. John, Terri - Language Arts, AICE
Stevenson, John - Science
Sweitzer, George - Guidance Counselor, D-H
Swirles, Scott - Social Studies
Taylor, Lauren - Guidance Counselor, A-C
Terry, Stephen - Orchestra
Thomas, Gavin - Math
Timm, Marsha - CTE, Digital Design & OJT
Tomlinson, Joanna - Reading, ESE & ESOL
Tribit, Richard - Engineering
Unger, John - World Language
VanArsdall, Eric - CTE, Applied Engineering & Math
Vick, Sharon - Guidance Counselor, I-M
Vincitore, Michael
Volz, Ed - ESOL Liason
Warren, Gerry
Weccele, Kristina - Math
Wells, Dana - Math
Wexler, Anita - Visual Arts
Wiberg, Derek - Science
Winner, Barbara - Administrative Assistant, Guidance
Wozniak, Tim - Campus Security
Zacharias, Jeff - Language Arts
Zagrocki, Hallie - Science
Zahn, Kay - Social Worker