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Ruth Jasmer, now 95, asked that her Serger Style sewing machine be donated to a place where others might receive the benefit of classes that she took when she was younger. With much pride her son Dwight Jasmer told his mom that her prized sewing machine was now in the hands of people who are dedicated to furthering the knowledge and skills that she picked up in those classes that she attended so many decades ago. That sewing machine was instrumental in the making of many different pieces of clothing, of small, decorative pillows, and other hand-made items that she gave to her favorite people. For several years she also completed repairs to clothing for many of her fellow residents and staff in the senior living community where she resides.

Very touched by this generous and gracious gesture, we asked Dwight Jasmer to tell us more about his mom and his family. This is what he shared with us:


My mother, Ruth, was raised in Northwestern Minnesota on a farm about 60 miles east of Fargo, North Dakota. When she married in 1940, she and our dad moved to live in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mother and dad raised four boys. We all participated in taking care of fine vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and chickens, ducks and rabbits. We lived on 2 acres in a small community known as Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Mom always made lots of clothes for her family. When the two eldest children left home for the United States Air Force, mom found the time to take classes in a local Adult Learning Center in South Milwaukee. She learned enough during those years that she earned certificates as a Master Hat Maker, Master Clothes Maker, and in several other sewing disciplines. She could, and did, make suits for men and women. Mom also taught us boys how to do embroidery.